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3 WEST, an acoustic duo originally hailing from New Jersey and now based in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, captivates audiences with their passionate and playful musical style. This dynamic duo, comprised of Nissa and Matt, have performed over 2,000 shows in their music career.


Nissa’s journey traces back to the roots of the American girl group 3LW, where she was one of the original Three Little Women members when the group formed in 1999 in Newark, New Jersey. Her involvement in the early stages of the group contributed to its foundation before changes took place before the Epic Records label association.


On a different musical note, Matt made his mark as a member of the Long Island, New York, rock band The Good Rats. This group earned the distinctive title of the "world's most famous unknown band" by Rolling Stone magazine, highlighting their unique position in the Long Island music scene that launched careers into bands such as KISS and Twisted Sister. Matt’s contributions to The Good Rats in their later years reflect a rich musical history, underscoring his diverse and impactful journey in the world of rock.


3 WEST’s repertoire spans from country/pop originals to acoustic renditions of contemporary hits and timeless classics. 3 WEST's unique talent has not only secured them a prominent place in the music scene but also led to appearances on major morning shows such as ABC, NBC, and FOX. The pinnacle of their journey includes a performance atop Rockefeller Center in New York City and a feature on The Rachael Ray Show.


Dedicated to sharing their music across diverse platforms, 3 WEST entertains at bars, colleges, weddings, and private events. Their college tours have taken them to esteemed institutions like North Dakota State University, Princeton University, Rutgers University, and more. Notably, they clinched the top spot in E! Network's "Opening Act" video contest, solidifying their growing fan base.


Beyond their musical pursuits, Nissa and Matt have contributed to Musicians On Call, bringing the healing power of live music to patients in hospitals nationwide. Their philanthropic efforts were showcased in a featured performance at the Musicians On Call Spotlight Concert in New York City.


In addition to their live performances, 3 WEST is making waves with their original music, with several tracks available on iTunes and Spotify. Their journey includes collaborations with renowned musicians in Nashville, contributing to an upcoming album featuring talents like Rich Redmond (Jason Aldean), Pat Buchanan (Kenny Chesney), Steve Bryant (Trisha Yearwood), Jason Roller (Alabama), and more.


The duo's single "Crazy Amazing" marked their debut in 2011, followed by the release of "Act Like A Lady Think Like A Man" shortly after. This track garnered attention on country radio station NASH FM 106.7, solidifying 3 WEST's continued success in the music industry.


Nissa and Matt extend their creative prowess beyond the stage as the visionary founders of 3 West Productions. This esteemed entertainment agency stands as a beacon of excellence, curating unforgettable experiences with some of the region's most talented DJs and live musicians. Specializing in weddings and corporate events, 3 West Productions brings a touch of sophistication and musical brilliance to every occasion, ensuring that each event is a harmonious blend of talent and celebration.




​​​- Appeared on The Rachael Ray Show

- Performed at Rockefeller Center in New York City

- Interviewed on ABC, NBC and FOX Morning Shows

- Featured on two billboards in Times Square NYC

- Voted #1 on E! Networks "Opening Act" video contest

- Performed at the 2017 U.S Senator Inaugural Reception in Washington D.C. 

- Opened for Country Artist, Allie Colleen in Atlantic City, NJ

- Opened for Country Legend, Ronnie Milsap in York, PA

- Opened for Country Artist, Jana Kramer in Harrisburg, PA

- Opened for Country Artist, Chris Lane in York, PA

- Opened for Country Artist, Phil Vassar in Hershey, PA

- Opened for Country Artist, Lee Greenwood in Hershey, PA

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